Saturday, April 03, 2010

Sabbatum Sanctum

It is Saturday night, Holy Saturday, and tomorrow is Easter. A few years ago, I was on staff with a church that had a Service of Darkness. It was a focus on the loss and sorrow the disciples, family, and followers must have felt when they laid Jesus in the tomb, unable to even prepare his body for a proper burial because of sabbath law. It was a very moving thing to be a part of.

Don Miller had a great blog entry this week, titled A Letter from the Apostle Peter on the Day of Christ's Death. You should really check it out.

Anyway, I sit here tonight, preparing for the celebration of tomorrow, but thinking about tonight. At least from the disciples perspective. They were in hiding and had to flee. The women must have had a real sense of duty to want to arrive at the tomb so early Sunday morning. What a surprise they are in for.

One of my friends, JD, teaches on stepping into the story, finding yourself in the present of what was happening then. Step in, walk around, what do you see, smell, or feel? I love to step into this story. The emotions are so raw, the shame is so real and sorrow saturates everything.

And yet hope remains, for we are Easter people, and tomorrow, we celebrate.


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