Saturday, April 03, 2010

Sabbatum Sanctum

It is Saturday night, Holy Saturday, and tomorrow is Easter. A few years ago, I was on staff with a church that had a Service of Darkness. It was a focus on the loss and sorrow the disciples, family, and followers must have felt when they laid Jesus in the tomb, unable to even prepare his body for a proper burial because of sabbath law. It was a very moving thing to be a part of.

Don Miller had a great blog entry this week, titled A Letter from the Apostle Peter on the Day of Christ's Death. You should really check it out.

Anyway, I sit here tonight, preparing for the celebration of tomorrow, but thinking about tonight. At least from the disciples perspective. They were in hiding and had to flee. The women must have had a real sense of duty to want to arrive at the tomb so early Sunday morning. What a surprise they are in for.

One of my friends, JD, teaches on stepping into the story, finding yourself in the present of what was happening then. Step in, walk around, what do you see, smell, or feel? I love to step into this story. The emotions are so raw, the shame is so real and sorrow saturates everything.

And yet hope remains, for we are Easter people, and tomorrow, we celebrate.

Jamie Oliver would be a great missionary…

If you haven’t gotten on board with Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, you need to. If you don’t even have a clue about what I am talking about, all is not lost! Don’t worry. You can most likely TiVo this ABC show or watch on Hulu. This, my friends, is perhaps one of the most important shows on TV, and I will tell you why…

If you are not familiar with Jamie Oliver, he is part rock star, part chef. He has had several shows on the Food Network such as Oliver’s Twist, The Naked Chef, and my personal favorite, Jamie at Home. A couple of years ago, he used his celebrity status and passion for healthy eating to try an make a change in his home country with the way the UK handles it’s school lunch program.

He made a huge difference in the way that they look at food, preparation methods, and removing the processed junk from school lunches. Important stuff. So now, he has turned his sights on America and more specifically, Huntington, WV, who the CDC says is America’s unhealthiest cities due to obesity related illnesses. Essentially, we have a generation of young people that has a shorter life expectancy than their parents. This must be remedied.

He meets tons of opposition, people who want him to leave, people that are set in their ways and don’t see the need to change. But Jamie’s passion doesn’t allow him to stop. He makes some enemies, but he makes more friends that support him and the key in last nights episode was teenagers. He empowered young people. He brought some high school students from Huntington into a kitchen to prepare a meal for a fundraiser to support the Food Revolution. One of them has been in and out of juvenile detention centers, and he is Jamie’s most fierce supporters.

The food we serve our children should not be killing them, and Jamie Oliver, a parent and a chef is taking this on as his personal project. He has taken this message across the globe and he is converting the masses. There is something to be said about the way he empowers people to take control of their lives. We could use more people like him in the church. Seriously, his leadership skills are impressive.