Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Happy Advent

The Tail has been Wagging the Dog.

I am officially the world's worst blogger. I hate that, because I really like to read them. I love checking in with friends through their blogs. I find some blogs to be very life giving and challenging, while others I like to read because they make me laugh. I do not set out with much purpose in this blog of mine, other than to perhaps try and process some things.

I was talking with an 83 year old Methodist preacher yesterday and he quoted John Wesley in saying, as an 83 year old, I am still working out my salvation." I think that is sort of my goal here.

So as I write this now, my office phone is ringing and will go to voicemail, I have unanswered emails in my inbox, and I have closed the door to my office to be here with you today to say to you: May this most holy season be a blessing to you, and may your lives be filled with the wonderous presence of Christ.