Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Oye Como Va

Oye Como Va, or in its English translation, "Hear how it goes," my story that is. Or should I say Alison and Ava's story?

So last Friday, Alison and Ava opted to spend the morning at the mall while I stayed home to work on my sermon. As I was spending my rare quite moments studying and writing, Alison called me to tell me that she just saw someone that she thinks was Carlos Santana. WHAT?

She arrived at the mall before the shops open, but the main entrance is open for early morning walkers and such. So as my girls made their way around to the main entrance, they saw two men approaching them down some stairs. Ava was in her stroller and Alison noticed one of the men looking and smiling at Ava. She said hi to him and he responded by looking at Ava and saying, "Congratulations." I guess congrats is always in order when your kid is as good looking as ours, but a funny response, I think nonetheless. The other guy, Alison said, looked big like a football player. The Santana look-alike was wearing a black suit with a bright purple shirt, a hat and aviator shades. A little odd for 9:30 in the morning. So she calls me and says that she thinks it was Santana, but it could have been someone else, so I look up his tour schedule and he was playing here in Birmingham that night, probably staying at the Wynfrey Hotel at our Galleria. We assume the big guy was his bodyguard.

I began to wish I had not stayed home that morning, but I was so proud that my daughter's first celebrity encounter was a rock and roll legend like Carlos Santana. Very proud moment, and I wanted to share it.

It appears that my last several blogs have been music related. I may need to break the mold on the next one. We shall see.