Friday, July 06, 2007

A onsie made for Ava

On my wife's blog, she posted a photo of a onsie. (See "Alison's Blog" in my links)

Well, here is a onsie I think Ava should be proud to wear.

Where have the days gone?

Can you believe that it is July 6th already? Today, which incidentally is also my dad's birthday, I came into the office, looked at the calendar, and could not believe that we are already this far into the summer. And because school begins so much earlier than it did when I was a kid, (I think some start at the ungodly early date of something like August 8th) July means that summer is almost over.

I can remember being young and the days seemed like lifetimes. Not in a bad way, but in such a way that everything was slower moving. Slower passing were the hours of my youth, and I think I wish to have those days back. I don't know why this has grasped me so. I think a few things are contributing, like my daughter will be 4 months old in a few days, and we are coming up on our year anniversary start date at Mountain Chapel. I think I am very aware of how quickly life can pass you by if you aren't intentional about slowing down.

For some reason, when we lived and worked in Wilmore, life didn't seem so fast moving. People weren't in such a rush. We weren't in such a rush. But we didn't have a child then, and that makes a big difference. I sometimes think back over the last few months, and life is like a blur.

Have any of you experienced this phenomenon of lost time that I have?