Monday, February 12, 2007

Pimp My Soul

Last weekend, we had some of the young adults from the church over to the house for a visioning and planning session. One of the points on the agenda was to think of a name for our gathering time and a name for our group. There are many in the church that find the title "young adults" confusing and most in our group find it bland and non-descriptive. We tossed around ideas for a while when one of my closest friends in the group said, "wait a minute, Brandon, I've got it...we can call it Pimp My Soul."

There were obvious outbursts at the absurdity of having a church service called "Pimp My Soul." No one would ever sign off on this of course. We all had a good laugh at this and more ideas were thrown out that only encouraged us to keep moving in this direction. But when I began to think about a specific show on MTV, I began to like this idea even more.

Think about the show Pimp My Ride with me for a moment: They show a person with a beat up and run down car trying to drive it around town. Xzibit shows up on their doorstep with the good news that MTV has decided to restore the car. Xzibit drives off in the car and the next scene has the car limping into West Coast Customs and the work crew reluctantly taking on the job.

They show the skilled artists, after planning and executing a complete restoration (and making major improvements), returning the car to its owner.

I know that this may break down under theological scrutiny, but I thought about how "Pimp My Soul" could work (let me have my fun). It is a place where broken down souls come and have a complete restoration done. After the proper "pimping out," the soul is made new.

So let me know what you think about a new ministry I might start up called "Pimp My Soul."