Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Keeping Watch is for the Birds

A couple of posts back, I talked about the disciples and their falling asleep when Jesus asked them to keep watch with him. In that same spirit, let me share with you something that I experienced yesterday.

Upon returning to the church after lunch, it had started to rain again. It had been raining off and on all day. Each day, before entering the church through the side door, I look to the right at a large cross afixed to the roof of the sanctuary building, and before walking into "work," I reflect on the cross, just for a moment. Yesterday though, I saw a huge hawk perched on top of the cross, and I stopped and observed him for a few minutes. He stood there on the cross, scanning the horizon for what seemed like miles and miles. Rain was coming down on him, but he stayed there, watching and listening. At one point, I whistled to try to get him to look in my direction. He didn't. after three or four attempts, he finally turned, giving me what I wanted, but looking annoyed with me. I was interrupting him from his watch.

I have always been impressed with hawks. Growing up in Texas, I used to see them perched on telephone lines and fence posts as we drove though the harsh landscape. They always seemed so still, so powerful, so controled. But what I was most impressed with was their patience to sit, wait, and watch. I was a jittery kid that couldn't sit still, and I still can't sit for too long without becoming fidgitty.

So yesterday, upon seeing this bird sitting on my "reflecting cross," I took this as a sign. I am just now again becoming a person that sees signs. I feel that as I child, I had the eyes to see these kinds of things, and the imagination to decipher what they could possibly mean. But as I grew into adulthood, I feel like that part of me went away; it died a little bit. In the last two years though, that area of my life has become re-awakened, and new life has been breathed into it.

So, I ask all three of my readers, do you see signs, or just coincidences? Do you see Red Moons in Kentucky skies and try to explain what is going on with solar and lunar positioning? Do you see hawks perched on crosses as merely a bird looking for lunch? Or do you see God communicating, ever so gently with his children?

I, myself, am reminded to keep watch.

(The photo is of the chuch and my "reflecting cross." I couldn't get a photo of the hawk, but will try when he returns.)