Saturday, August 26, 2006

We made it

I appreciate the patience and the gentle prodding ( thanks JD) from those who have let me know that they actually read my blog. It has taken some time to get settled, but the Fabulous Frenzels are back baby!

We have moved to Birmingham, Alabama and I began working a couple of weeks ago at a church here. We moved here on a Friday afternoon and officially reported for work the following Monday, although we came to church with no official duties that Sunday. The bishop was preaching that Sunday morning and I joked with Alison that he must have heard we were coming and that it would be my first day and he wanted to extend a personal welcome. In reality, he did more than that. He personally charged me with the responsibility to be a leader for young adults in the conference from the pulpit in his sermon! Nice. No pressure there.

There are so many things that have changed for us. We have moved to a new town with a new job, a new community, a new apartment, and I got a new computer. It is the new iMac and I am operating on a pretty big learning curve here. Like learning how to operate this new computer, I am still learning how it feels to live, work, and serve in this new place. We have been outserved and welcomed beyond our imagination. We truly love it here, and yet we are torn, because a piece of us remains in Kentucky.

I miss my home state, Texas, but Wilmore is a special place. It is a place where I learned to die and along with my close friends, we were baptised there. Not physically, but spiritually. I remember being told often in seminary, "remember your baptism." For me, my baptism in the waters that flow through the halls, classrooms, and chapels at Asbury seminary will forever be remembered. It was a place I learned to truly live, to love honestly, and to die well. For those of you that experienced this with me, I am glad we were able to do this together.